Interstellar Marines project funded by pre-orders instead of publisher money

Euro studio makes $125k in crowdsourced cash

Danish studio Zero Point Software has reached a significant milestone in crowdsource funding, having made about $125,000 already, according to reports.

The significant sum of money has been raised by fans of the Interstellar Marines game, according to a report on

The funding had come through player pre-orders, as opposed to publisher funding.

“The negotiations stopped when it became clear to us that we needed to hand over all of our IP and make a lousy revenue share deal [on top of that]," said Kenneth Andersen, producer and lead sound designer at Zero Point.

"So it was time to make a new strategy. We came up with this crazy idea that our community should be able to pre-order the game years before it was finished and we haven’t regretted this decision since."

The Interstellar Marines community has over 103,000 registered members, according to

Over 2,000 fans have put forward $39 to gain access to future Zero Point projects.

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