European PS4 price cut rumoured for this week

The PS4 could see its price cut in Europe and the UK as soon as this week, if rumours online are to be believed.

AGB reports that Sony will cut €50 (37) off the price of PS4 this Wednesday (October 21st), bringing the machine down to €350 (255). If correct this would mean a cut ahead of next week’s Paris Games Week, where you’d possibly expect such an announcement to be unveiled.

Sony has recently announced PS4 price cuts in Japan, China and, most recently, the US and Canada.

It looked as if Sony has lowered the console’s UK RRP last month when it revealed a 299.99 Uncharted bundle. However, the company insisted to MCV that that the pricing of the Uncharted PlayStation 4 bundles is actually a promotional price that will be available across a selection of retailers for a limited time only".

Now it looks like this may perhaps not be the case.

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