Team wants to crowdfund $150,000 to develop narrative-driven horror game

Ex-BioShock and Dead Space devs form The Deep End

Ex-Irrational and Visceral developers have opened a new studio called The Deep End and have taken to Kickstarter for the team’s first game, Perception.

The studio is after $150,000 for the crowdfunded project, pitched as a first-person narrative horror adventure featuring a young blind woman, tasking players with solving mysteries and escaping a “deadly presence”, all without sight. The title is powered by the Unreal Engine.

The Deep End team has previously worked on titles including BioShock, BioShock Infinite and Dead Space. Staff include BioShock Infinite design director Bill Gardner as creative director, novelist Amanda Gardner as writer and producer, and 3D environment and prop artist Desiree Fernandes.

Other team members include Jim Bonney, Kirk Bezio, Ben Johnson, Robb Waters, Hung Nguyen, John Malaska, Jed Wahl, David Surely and Justin Sonnekalb.

Perception is currently targeted for a June 2016 release, but this could change depending on stretch goals should it exceed its funding goal. At the time of writing, the project has raised $33,832 from 792 backers.

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