Smartphone group finishes work on cloud-based mobile tech

Ex-Trion and Gazillion execs’ new studio revealed

Two executives who recently departed from Trion Worlds and Gazillion Entertainment have revealed their new joint venture; a mobile studio called Motiga.

The company has come out from hiding having finished building the Motiga Infinite Context Engine – which the firm says is a scalable mobile server that incorporates cloud-based technology.

Motiga staff promise that the Infinite Context Engine will allow “smaller teams to build real time titles for mobile in shorter time periods”.

According to, the group was founded by Trion Worlds’ former chief strategy officer Chris Chung, as well as Rick Lambright, who was Gazillion’s chief tech architect.

The new outfit is also building games, the first being a real-time multiplayer title called The Left Overs, created by iOS dev Tinfoil Fez, which Motiga is currently demonstrating at industry events.

"Traditionally, creating server infrastructure for a real-time multiplayer game requires a sizable team of highly skilled server developers," said Lambright.

"[Our engine] makes it easy to create real-time multiplayer games for mobile devices. The fact that The Left Overs is created by a team of three developers is a testament to the ease of use and robustness of our technology."

The company has received around $1.9 million in investment from angel investors and corporate investor Neowiz.

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