Facebook introduces Rewarded Video ads

Games publishers now have the option of utilising Rewarded Video in their Facebook titles.

You may not be familiar with the term but you’ve very possibly encountered the system in mobile games. Rewarded Videos offer players the chance to watch a video ad in return for some sort of in-game reward, which typically takes the form of game currency.

Unity research suggests that 78 per cent of players are comfortable with this system. Facebook says that the system allows publishers to offer a positive user experience while also increasing revenue through Facebook’s people-based targeting and high-quality demand”.

The platform also points out that Rewarded Video is 100 per cent initiated by the viewer”, meaning that it is less likely to agitate. Added Facebook: Players like gaining additional benefits in a game without having to wait or pay. Rewarded Video is another step in our commitment to build the tools and ad products necessary to help game developers succeed both on and off Facebook.”

The system will be implemented by the Unity and Cocos2DX engines.

Facebook Audience Network’s diverse advertiser pool and precise targeting capabilities are unique differentiators,” Rovio’s VP of advertising Jarkko Rajamaki said. We have leveraged these aspects to access quality demand with higher CPMs when monetizing through rewarded video”

Playrix head of ad monetization Michael Panov added: Audience Network is one of our key partners for rewarded video. This partnership has delivered high quality targeting and demand, ultimately improving our average CPMs in priority countries by up to 80 per cent.”

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