Fallout 4 VR is already playable from start to finish

The VR version of Fallout 4 will very much include the full game, and is already at the point where it can be played in its entirety.

"Fallout [VR] is going great,” Bethesda Game Studios executive producer Todd Howard told Glixel. There’s a lot of work to be done, but it’s super exciting.

We are doing the whole game. You can play it start to finish right now, and the whole thing really works in terms of interface and everything… [It] works because of the interface. The Pip-Boy is on your wrist and we’ve been able to present so that it works the way you expect. You look and there it is. The fact that the gunplay is a bit slower than in a lot of games has certainly helped us.”

Howard also added that the team is looking at integrating other forms of locomotion for the game, too.

Typically VR games that allow you to move have up to now used a teleport system, where players point the controller at the spot they want to go and are teleported there. This has so far been preferred by many developers to traditional joystick or joypad movement, which is far more likely to induce motion sickness.

The tide has been changing, however.

Some games, like online FPS Onward, now offer more traditional locomotion systems that have managed to significantly reduce the chance of sickness. There are also many users who claim that their tolerance of traditional locomotion in VR has improved with use, and it’s now not uncommon for games that only offer a teleportation offer to come in for a fair bit of flack from the VR community.

Some titles, like zombie FPS Arizona Sunshine, allow users to choose between either control type – and it sounds as if Fallout 4 VR may do the same.

"Locomotion is definitely the hard part, I will admit. Given the size of the world and the amount that you’re moving in Fallout 4 that part is tricky because you’re doing it a lot,” Howard added.

Right now we’re doing the teleport warp thing and that’s fine, but we’re experimenting with a few others. Our plan is to ship with as many as we can, because it’s different for everybody.”

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