FAQ: Game4u’s digital games service downloads4u

Specialist games retailer Game4u recently launched its digital game distribution service – downloads4u.

Since this service is the first of its kind in India and not many Indian gamers may have purchased games digitally before, we caught up with Zarik Nabi, business head of publishing and digital services at Milestone Interactive, for a quick Q&A.

What advantages does downloads4u offer over other digital services like Steam?

Downloads4u offers the following advantages over other digital services:

  • Localised Rupee pricing of titles in line with their physical counterparts
  • Multiple payment modes such as payments through local credit/debit cards, net banking and the ability to use Game4u gift coupons and discount codes. A host of addition local payment options will be introduced in the coming six months.
  • Local customer support via support@game4u.com or 1 800 22 4263 (GAME)

Do downloads4u customers have the option to pay cash on delivery?

Not at the moment, but plans to enable payments through cash are being worked upon and users will have this option soon.

Are users required to install a software client to download and/or play games?


How many games does downloads4u offer?

The catalogue as of now contains 317 games for digital download.

Which publishers’ games are currently available via the service?

EA, Sega, Kalypso Media, Anuman Games, Belver Limited, Blitz Game Studio, Buka Entertainment, Connect International, EverSim, Ingress, Layernet, Plug in Digital and UIG Entertainment.

How many times can customers download a game purchased via downloads4u?

As many times as they wish once they have purchased their digital download through their ‘My Account’ section on the site. However, games having installation keys may be activated only a limited number of times (typically three). This mechanism is controlled by the publisher.

Can incomplete downloads be resumed?

In most cases and for most newer titles, the downloads will resume automatically in the event that the connection is severed. This again is a function of the DRM used by the publisher.

How do prices for new games compare to physical copies available in stores?

Prices for new games are at par with their physical Indian copies available at local stores. We are also running regular promotions such as deal of the week.

Do downloads4u purchases qualify for Team Elite rewards?

Yes they do.

Check out the downloads4u service atwww.game4u.com.

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