Field of view slider unavailable in illegally downloaded versions of the game

Far Cry 4 complainers out themselves as pirates

A number of Far Cry 4 players on PC have accidentally outed themselves as pirates after complaining about a feature only available in legitimate copies.

Some users had been grumbling online about the lack of field of view control in the game, but Ubisoft Montreal creative director Alex Hutchinson has revealed that this is because they illegally downloaded the title.

Only those who purchased a legitimate copy that has been patched will have access to the feature.

Other developers in the past have introduced special methods to combat pirates and punish those who illegally download games.

Last year Greenheart Games released a cracked version of Game Dev Tycoon on to torrent sites that introduced the effects of piracy within the game, causing players’ own game sales to plummet.

Croteam also previously appeared to leak a version of its shooter Serious Sam 3 to torrent sites that included an invincible mutant scorpion, making it impossible for players to progress once it appeared.

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