Far Cry: Primal is taking Ubisoft’s shooter to the Ice Age

A mysterious new Ubisoft game teased slowly via a livestream has been prematurely revealed as a brand new Far Cry.

Yesterday, Ubisoft started to stream on YouTube an image of a cave painting (below), with no other details to suggest what the reveal might be.

But the slow unveiling was brought to an abrupt conclusion by IGN Turkey, which accidentally tweeted the announcement of Far Cry: Primal.

Although the tweet was then deleted, Kotaku did some digging and uncovered some further information about the follow-up to last year’s Far Cry 4.

According to sources ‘familiar’ with the game, Far Cry: Primal will be set in the prehistoric Ice Age – a stark contrast to the modern day setting of all of the Far Cry titles to date.

It may be that replacing guns and grenades are spears, bows and stones, with the jungle flora and fauna of Far Cry 3 and 4 usurped by mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and perhaps even dinosaurs. More should be revealed once Ubisoft’s continuing livestream finally comes to an end.

Primal won’t mark Far Cry’s first foray away from its jungle survival aspects. Spin-off Far Cry: Blood Dragon adopted the aesthetic of an ‘80s action movie, complete with the titular creatures to battle against. Primal may well be another spin-off, given its lack of a number, paving the way to Far Cry 5 in 2017 or beyond.

Ubisoft previously sent a survey out to some of its players, asking them, among other questions, where they should like to see a new Far Cry set. Among the suggestions were a Jurassic Park-style dinosaur game, a vampire hunting title, the Vietnam war and a Spaghetti Western take located in 19th Century America.


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