FF Versus XIII could hit 360

For the first time since the game was announced in 2008, publisher Square Enix has suggested that RPG spin-off Final Fantasy Versus XIII may not remain a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Fanboys around the world recoiled in horror back in back in July 2008 when Microsoft made the shock announcement that Final Fantasy XIII would drop the series’ long-term PlayStation exclusivity and also see a release on Xbox 360.

Square Enix remained adamant however, and has done ever since, that mysterious sister release Final Fantasy Versus XIII would remain a PS3 exclusive.

Now, that stance seems to have suddenly changed.

reports that speaking to investors in light of its excellent financial report this morning, president Yoichi Wada said of a possible Xbox 360 release of the game: We’ll be looking into it internally until right before the formal announcement.”

Little is known of Final Fantasy Versus XIII as of yet. What is known is that it will feature different characters and setting to FFXIII and possibly a different form of gameplay, most likely favouring a more action-orientated approach.

Since its successful debut in the UK Charts, sales of FFXIII have generally favoured PS3 in both the UK and Europe. However, Square Enix investors recognise that its multiformat release has both helped global sales and extended the franchise’s reach within Western markets.

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