FIFA Ultimate Team gets update

Ultimate Team, a free-to-play downloadable addition to EA’s FIFA 11, is to get a significant functionality update on Xbox 360 and PS3, the publisher has announced.

Since its launch, Ultimate Team has served more than 65m game sessions with 171m trades being made and 275bn coins spent in the auction house.

The two headline additions are ‘Play A Friend Challenge’ and ‘Friends Leaderboards’. The former allows gamers to challenge a friend’s Ultimate Team, even they’re not currently online. When players return to their machines they’ll receive a run down of anyone who has taken on their squad in their absence.

In addition, the Leaderboard offers targeted comparisons with other FIFA 11 Ultimate Team players on a gamer’s friends list.

In total over 50 improvements are included.

We have a thriving global community of over two million fans playing FIFA 11 Ultimate Team,” FIFA’s executive producer Kaz Makita stated.

Our commitment to these fans is that we will continue to listen to their feedback to improve and enhance their experience year round. Play A Friend Challenge and Friends Leaderboards are both new innovations and features requested by the fans, and will enable players to better connect and compete with friends while playing FIFA 11 Ultimate Team.”

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