Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is ‘for adults’

Square Enix is looking to offer a slightly different Final Fantasy experience with its remake of PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for PS4 and Xbox One.

Producer Hajime Tabata told Polygon that the company want to make "something for adults", with the real-time fighting system exploring the consequences of physical combat.

"We’ve really tried to focus on the true nature of battle — what a realistic type of magic vs. weaponry type of battle might unfold like," he said. "If you’re hit by fire, you burn. If you’re cut, you bleed. It’s approaching those realistic type of expressions within the Final Fantasy world atmosphere. It’s more of a realistic blow vs just scraping away HP."

Tabata also promised that the game will be a true remaster rather than a straight port.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will apparently be due out within a year”.

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