Final Fantasy XV sold 5m units on first day

The latest entry in Square Enix’s JRPG franchise has had a huge start around the world, making it the fastest selling game in the franchise to date.

The firm reports that Final Fantasy XV, which launched on Tuesday, shipped and sold digitally a massive five million copies in its first day on sale globally.

As well as seeing massive sell-through on Day One, the game also broke the record for digital downloads on its first day on sale in Japan. Square also says that the JRPG broke records for total game sales – physical and digital – in the Asian region (excluding Japan).

Final Fantasy XV launched on Tuesday, November 29th following a two-month bump from September. Square Enix announced this September launch date with the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event in March, which also saw the Japanese publishing giant reveal it was releasing three games, a film, an anime TV show and a partnership with Audi.

In interviews following that event, an interview with game director Hajime Tabata revealed that Final Fantasy XV needed to sell 10m copies worldwide to be considered a success. At the time, we noted that this was a hugely ambitious target, but the game is now clearly well on its way to smashing it.

The title was originally announced in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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