'Things are pretty tough for developers now and there are many reasons why a good game might get overlooked by the wider industry'

Fireproof considers investing in other devs

Fireproof Games is considering investing in a new title created by another developer.

The studio is best known for its work on popular paid mobile game series The Room, but commercial director Barry Meade has told Develop it is now looking to use some of its money to help fund a new title by another developer.

Though the company has expertise in mobile, Meade said it will listen to any pitch “within reason”, and would consider titles for PC and virtual reality. The firm is currently looking for one title, but it could invest in multiple projects should it find the right games, though Meade says this is less likely to happen.

"We’re more looking to be surprised by a game I suppose, like any players should be by a novel game – that would be a good sign and a strong start to be honest," said Meade.

"As for platform, we have a lot of experience with mobile so that would be ideal but we also love PC stuff and our upcoming release of Omega Agent on the GearVR clearly shows we love VR stuff too, so within reason we’ll listen to any pitch. But we have no illusions, we’re picky bastards and we may be searching for years before we happen upon something viable."

Meade said that at the moment the investment idea is more of a thought experiment, and there’s no guarantee they’ll find a game to invest in, but the team is keen to at least start looking.

“Things are pretty tough for developers now and there are many reasons why a good game might get overlooked by the wider industry,” he said.

“So, we may find a different angle. As an example, next to nobody is investing in paid games on mobile, whereas those are waters we’re fairly comfortable swimming in. We may not have the same experience established publishers or investors have but nor do they quite have ours. And if we find the right fit, we expect that will be a real benefit.”

Though a team of Fireproof’s experience is looking to invest, it is by no means a guarantee of success for the developer that will receive its funds. Meade admits there’s no magic formula to a successful game, as hit titles “tend to confound expectations anyway”.

He says what the team feels it can bank on however is what has made many games hits for the last 20 years: a highly polished execution of an interesting game idea.

“That can be broken down into many areas: gameplay that satisfies minute-to-minute as well as second-to-second play; a central game mechanic that is fun on its own; attractive visuals; a smooth control system, and all of it wrapped up in a hook of some sort that makes the game stand out,” said Meade.

“There are other areas that help success of course, we’re just not experts in any of them. But we think, or imagine, we know games and what makes game players tick and that knowledge can add real weight to a game’s chances. So we hope to find out if there’s a good fit out there for us.”

Fireproof will be attending our new event Interface on May 14th to look at promising new titles.

You can find out more about the event, which aims to connect developers with investors and partners, in our FAQ here.

You can also head to www.interface.events for more details – and tickets can be booked direct at booked direct here.

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