Wireless Oculus Touch being designed to provide ideal input for virtual reality gaming

First look at the Oculus Rift’s prototype motion controllers

Oculus has offered the public a first glimpse of its prototype motion controllers for the Oculus Rift.

Called the Oculus Touch – the current prototype is codenamed Half Moon – Rift creator Palmer Luckey said the VR firm wanted to deliver presence in the virtual world and make players believe their virtual hands "are your actual hands".

He explained that when developing the prototype, Oculus was keen to design a control input that offered a low mental load so players would not have to think too much about what buttons they needed to press.

The controllers are wireless, have 360 degree tracking, and include an analogue thumbstick, two buttons, an analogue trigger and a hand trigger. The Oculus Touch also includes haptics which developers can use to deliver feedback.

He also claimed the controllers could allow communicative gestures in games, such as pointing or giving someone a thumbs up.

You can view more images of the Oculus Touch prototype below.

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