First NGP hands-on goes live

One consumer site has gone live with its impressions of Sony’s NGP. says that it had some hands-on time with the machine at a London press event on May 19th.

It says that its final dimensions are very similar to the original PSP and that "you immediately recognise the original PSP in its design".

A number of games are mentioned, with the most attention granted to Uncharted, of which the graphics are singled out for particular praise. Also detailed is Little Deviants, and while the author admits he "failed to understand" it, the game sounds like a Katamari Damacy inspired outing.

Also revealed in Reality Fighters, which allows users to customise their battlers and take pictures for use as the background setting.

Perhaps most exciting is the naming of WipEout 2038.

"When you hold NGP for the first time and start playing you feel really excited," the, frankly quite bizarrely written, piece concludes.

"You really enjoy the top-notch graphics and various many various controls and the console feels great just to hold. The start of sales will show what users think about it but as far as my opinion is concerned – after having played for just three hours, I must say, I am quite impressed."

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