Flock: Wii is a Godsend

Executive vice president of THQ Kelly Flock has told the New York Times that the publisher is aggressively” searching out Wii titles – and applauded the low cost of developing for the format in comparison with PS3 and Xbox 360.

Flock revealed that a Wii game can be created in as little as 12 months, whilst titles for its two competing formats usually take two to three years.

He added that the budget for developing a Wii title ranges from $1.5million to $4m, compared to $10m to $12m for a PS3 or Xbox 360 game.

Wii is a Godsend,” said Flock. We are aggressively looking for more Wii titles.”

His comments were echoed by Sega America VP of marketing Scott Steinberg.

Wii development costs certainly are cheaper than the other consoles,” he revealed, adding that the company uses 15 to 25 programmers to develop a Wii title, in contrast to 50 or more for a 360 or PS3 equivalent.

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