Football Manager 2011 announced

Sports Interactive’s studio director Miles Jacobson has released the first details about Football Manager 2011, which will be out some time before Christmas.

The game includes a new contract negotiation system. Agents have been expanded on and now boast lots of different agent types who negotiate contracts in different ways. There are also lots of new contract clauses like bonuses if they make it into the team of the year or minimum fee release clauses if a big European team comes in for them – there are about a dozen of these in total.

Deal negotiation also different and is handled more realistically on a conversational basis.

Training, which Jacobson says has been a little neglected in recent years simply because we didn’t have any better ideas of how we could improve it”, has also undergone an overhaul based on the many suggestions made by members of the SI forums. It’s now easier to use but also offers more depth with an increased number of options and new match preparation system.

Player and board interaction has also received a complete revamp”, as has the ability to play mind games with other managers. Conversational options have been greatly increased

Other tweaks include the merging of the news screen and inbox and the addition of an Emotion Engine” to the standard game engine that sees the players reacting to the on-pitch action in a more realistic way.

Also new is Dynamic League Reputation, something which Jacobson says is one of the most requested features in the series’ history. It allows for the global tracking of the success of clubs on a national level. The better the reputation of your national league, the better chance you have of signing players.

Check out the first video below:

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