Former Inside Xbox crew smash crowd-funding targets

Explosive Alan Productions, the new venture from former members of the Inside Xbox team, has received more than $16,000 through crowd-funding.

Dan Maher, Ashley Denton and Gareth Wild have put together a video calling to their loyal viewers for donations that will go towards Explosive Alan’s new multi-format show, codenamed Project Possum.

They are collecting contributions through IndieGoGo rather than Kickstarter – "because IndieGoGo accepts PayPal," Maher explains in the video – and have already racked up $16,000.

They were aiming for $10,000 by July 13th.

To encourage Inside Xbox fans to donate, the crew is offering a range of prizes depending on how much you pledge. This ranges from $5, granting access to video diaries and desktop wallpapers, to $5,000, which gets various prizes, including a cameo on the show, listing as executive producer in the credits and dinner with the team.

Explosive Alan was founded when Microsoft decided to close Inside Xbox.

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