Forza 6 is ‘the biggest and most realistic’ game in the racing franchise yet

Forza Motorsport 6 will be the biggest and most realistic entry in the series yet, says Turn 10 Studios content director John Wendl.

Unveiled at Microsoft’s press event last night, the developer revealed that the series will now include night-time racing and wet weather conditions that significantly impact gameplay.

This will all run at a consistent 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, Wendl claimed.

The game also boasts 450 cars, 26 track environments and 24 simultaneous racers.

Rain is a key feature of the new Forza, and Wendl pledged that it won’t just be a superficial addition. There are over 148 unique wet surfaces that will affect how the surface looks when soaked and how slippery it is.

When you see a driver that wins a race in the wet, it typically means they’re the most talented driver on that day,” he explained.

Players want to experience that in our simulation as well: what it means to race on wet surfaces and with puddles, and to feel the car hydroplane across those puddles – and do it in a way that’s realistic.”

Wendl said high quality graphics are hugely important to Turn 10, adding that visual realism was an unavoidable expectation for a racing simulation title like Forza.

It really revolves around three things: it has to look real, it has to sound real, and it has to feel real,” he said.

But it doesn’t matter how real your physics are, or how awesome your audio is – if it doesn’t look real, people aren’t going to believe it’s real.

If you took a game like Mario Kart, for example, and put our physics engine on it, I bet nobody would believe it drives real – just because of the way it looks.”

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