Frank Underwood swaps triple-As for indie games in new House of Cards

Viewers of Netflix’s House of Cards are accustomed to the gaming habits of fictional US politician Frank Underwood.

Underwood has throughout the series been frequently seen playing PlayStation consoles and, in particular, Call of Duty. He also openly covets a PlayStation Vita in one episode.

With the arrival of series three, however, it appears that Underwood’s interests have shifted.

Polygon reports that Underwood is in one scene of the fifth episode shown playing indie hit Monument Valley on an iPad. In the same episode he reads aloud a review of the game written by his fictional biographer Thomas yates.

"I tend to play shoot ’em ups," Underwood says. "The indie games don’t really interest me. I need adrenaline, action. But when I read this, I had to try it. If you can convince me to be a silent princess with just 100 words, imagine how many millions you can convince with this book. You are a salesman, Thomas."

In a later episode, Underwood admits to being confused by another indie title – The Stanley Parable, the structure of which is actually used as a metaphor for his political manoeuvrings.

Monument Valley dev Ustwo has said that it did not pay for the product placement of its game.

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