Gameloft have launched a new free-to-play version of popular first-person shooter NOVA on Facebook.

Free-to-play 3D FPS arrives on Facebook

In Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: Elite, developed specially for the social network, offers players a gaming experience that simulates traditional PC shooters with identical controls.

Players can create friend lists and share their progress and rewards.

The monetisation system offers players freedom to play the game for free or choose to upgrade their access to abilities and battlefields by purchasing various items, such as armour, weapons and accessories.

“For over 10 years, Gameloft has established itself as the leading developer on all mass-market platforms for downloadable video games,” said Michel Guillemot, president of Gameloft.

“With this in mind, we’ve expanded our reach to include games for social networks. This also illustrates our resolve to be closer to our fans on all platforms of their choosing.”

NOVA is not the first 3D FPS to arrive on Facebook. Last year, 3G Studio’s Brave Arms received moderate attention with its claim to be the first “social shooter.”

The NOVA franchise has received positive reviews on iOS and Android platforms, despite being labelled a Halo ‘copycat’.

Gameloft launched Green Farm in September 2010, and has plans to launch further titles covering a range of genres for social networks this year.

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