Friday the 13th hits 1.8m units and gets physical release date

Multiplayer slasher title Friday the 13th just reached a new milestone, despite its difficult launch.

Publisher Gun Media announced that sales for the game just reached 1.8m copies. That’s in two months since Friday the 13th – The Game launched at the end of May on PS4, Xbox One and PC, having been announced back in October 2015.

Gun Media also revealed the release date for the boxed version of the title, which will hit shelves on October 13th (which is a Friday, of course). Only the PS4 and Xbox One versions will get a physical release though, which will include a Bloody Jason skin and a free clothing pack. It’ll be priced at 29.99, like the digital version.

Gun’s founder Wes Keltner commented: "It’s been a long two months from our team here at Gun and [developer] IllFonic. We have had an incredibly supportive and dedicated community since we launched, and while things haven’t been completely smooth we definitely feel confident moving forward. The team has grown and we are committed as we work to add more content, more kills, more to do and of course the single player component to the game."

Friday the 13th’s release was shaky to say the least with glitches and server issues plaguing the game. The Xbox One version was particularly affected with IllFonic finally releasing a patch last week to fix some of the issues players had been complaining about since launch.

Last week, gamers also accused IllFonic of abandoning Friday the 13th to focus on upcoming release Dead Alliance (launching on August 29th). The studio addressed the issue in a statement on Reddit, with CEO Chuck Brungardt saying: This is 100% not true. Most major and independent studios have multiple teams working on multiple projects at the same time. This is critical for the survival of the studio, especially with the ups and downs with the game industry.”

He continued: With the recent success of Friday the 13th: The Game we have been increasing our staff on the title. We originally had about 20 internal team members working on Friday the 13th: The Game and are now up to about 30 internal team members. We also have opened a second office that sole purpose is to support development of Friday the 13th: The Game. In addition we are continuing to staff up more team members for continued support of the game. So we assure you, continued support for Friday the 13th: The Game has not been abandoned, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.”

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