From Software says "no plans" for Dark Souls II on PS4 or Xbox One

There’s bad news for those holding out for a next-gen re-release for Dark Souls II.

No, not at this point,” the game’s global producer Atsuo Yoshimura told Gametrailers when asked about a PS4 or Xbox One port. We have no plans for that.”

The developer added that the previously confirmed Lost Crowns trilogy DLC for Dark Souls II would definitely be more difficult than main game”, with each area offering both a main route and an optional, harder route that would likely require summons to defeat.

Along with the DLC’s new enemies, items and weapons there will also be a lot of gimmicks” and a special reward for those who conquer all three pieces of content.

In truth those refraining from a PS3 or Xbox 360 purchase in the hope that the game would get a Grand Theft Auto V style next-gen makeover were almost inevitable lining themselves up for disappointment – From Software simply doesn’t have the resources of the likes of Rockstar for such an undertaking.

And with the studio now confirmed as working on PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, any chance of a Dark Souls II re-release seem to have evaporated – for the foreseeable future at least.

Here’s the interview:

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