Fruit Ninja bundled with first Kinect shooter

Microsoft has confirmed that the September release of The Gunstringer will include a download code for Kinect Fruit Ninja.

Marionette action shooter The Gunstringer will hit UK shelves on September 16th. It’s the first Microsoft-published boxed shooter game for Xbox 360 Kinect and comes with an RRP of 29.99.

But not only will players be able to shoot enemies and explore the Wild West in The Gunstringer, they’ll also be able to chop virtual fruit in half. The SKU includes a code that lets users download a Kinect motion gaming version of iPhone hit Fruit Ninja over Xbox Live.

Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular apps for iPhone and iPad with 6m sales worldwide. It will also be available to download on Xbox Live separately on August 10th. Using Kinect, players can swipe their arms downwards to chop up falling on-screen fruit.

Those who pre-order The Gunstringer will receive two tokens for a free Xbox Live avatar item. Buyers at launch will also be able to download free add-on pack for the game which includes a new adventure and a boss battle with ‘Wavy Tube Man Jr.’

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