Deal to co-publish online PC action game The Secret World

Funcom newest EA Partner

Age of Conan developer Funcom has reached an agreement to co-publish its latest PC MMO with EA Partners.

The upcoming action title – The Secret World – allows players to create and progress their own character without the restrictions of classes and levels.

EA Partners general manager David DeMartini said his firm were “thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Funcom, one of the world-leaders in the development of massively multiplayer online games.”

The full story can be found over at Develop sister site MCV.

EA Games label president Frank Gibeau recently told Develop of his ambition to expand the EA Partners business, in lieu of acquiring studios.

"I’m not dying to add capacity, I’m very happy with the studios that we have and now I’m trying to optimise that and make it powerful," he said.

"In terms of our Partners programme, yeah we want it to grow. We want to continue to find great independent talent out there."

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