Future secure for rllmuk

Having teetered on the brink late last year, the short-term future of UK video games forum rllmuk has been secured after the site successfully raised 6,000 – a sum that should safeguard the site for at least two years.

It has also today been confirmed that the portal has been successfully registered as a non-profit making industrial and provident society under the name Rllmuk Limited.

We elected to register as an IPS in order to have a legitimate register of members who will now pay a yearly subscription to the society which will go towards the running costs of the forum,” rllmuk’s Charles Littlewood told MCV.

The forum will now have an elected committee, who will be elected by the members of the society. Any member will be able to stand for a position on the committee and we anticipate that the first round of voting will commence in a few weeks time.

As an IPS, the forum is now owned collectively by the members of the Rllmuk Society which hopefully will ensure the continued success and future of the forum for years to come.

I believe we are one of, if not the, first such industrial and provident societies of this nature. Certainly I know of no other forum which will now be collectively owned and run as Rllmuk will be.”

Society membership costs 10 per year and is renewable on an annual basis.

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