Valve boss 'frustrated' by mediocre gaming inputs on platform

Gabe: I’d love to solve problems with tablet gaming

Fixing the mediocre tablet interface for gaming would be Gabe Newell’s dream project, the Valve boss has revealed.

Newell said that if he had the opportunity, he’d get to work on designing a more gaming friendly tablet hardware interface and develop content created specifically with the device’s controls in mind.

He claimed that current control schemes on the platform were “mediocre” at best, and need to be changed if gaming experiences are to be improved.

“I use a tablet a ton, so if I could pick one magic wand I would have us all sit down and design a new, more gaming friendly tablet hardware interface and then build some content that really was designed at the same time as the hardware,” he told Penny Arcade.

“So if I could pick one thing that would be it. Because I’m really frustrated as a tablet user with how mediocre the gaming inputs are.”

Despite the Valve CEO’s dreams, the studio is unlikely to fulfill his wishes given the company’s democratised development strategy and the fact that employees are hard at work on the upcoming action RTS DOTA 2.

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