GAME grows PC download plan with Tomb Raider promotion

UK retail giant GAME believes it is making significant strides in the PC download space with exclusive content deals.

The firm has a reputation for securing exclusive DLC for its boxed titles. The latest promotion sees GAME offer the ‘Explorer Edition’ of Tomb Raider. This is an exclusive version of the title for GAME, and offers gamers an additional tomb to explore and faster climbing skills.

But now, for the first time, this won’t just be available to boxed games buyers, but those who choose to download the game via the retailer’s website. A move GAME hopes will help it compete more aggressively with its big-name digital rivals, such as Steam, Origin, Gamersgate and Green Man Gaming.

GAME told MCV that this is the first in a series of downloadable exclusivity deals, as it looks to grow its digital business.

The firm isn’t the only traditional retailer to make significant moves into the download space. ShopTo has also launched a Tomb Raider offer for download customers.

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