GAME: Kinect excites customers

Leading games retailer GAME has unsurprisingly welcomed Microsoft’s announcement that it is aiming high by giving the Xbox 360 motion camera Kinect a high-end RRP of 129.99 in the UK.

At E3 in June, we were lucky enough to play with Kinect and can say that it truly is ground-breaking technology,” GAME Group MD Martyn Gibbs stated.

Since then, we’ve been driving awareness of Kinect to our customers in-store and online. We know from their feedback that they are excited about getting their hands on it and what it could do to their gaming experience.”

The price, which is at the very top-end of estimates, suggests that Microsoft primarily hoping to further monetise its existing Xbox 360 fanbase as much as it is aiming to tap into a wider audience – though if this is its strategy, the camera’s initial software line-up (which is very family-focused) seems somewhat at odds with it.

Nonetheless, Gibbs thinks Kinect will appeal to both existing and new Xbox 360 owners.

Whether they buy Kinect on its own or as part of the great value bundle, it is going to be on the Christmas lists of both core gamers and families.”

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