Game School Online winter enrolment now open

Games School Online is continuing its commitment to free online education for game developers and has begun enrollment for its winter term. The site offers full courses in a range of Unreal Engine 4 related disciplines, including a crash course on the engine as well as a couple that focus on lighting theory and practicalities. There are also courses on modeling in ZBrush and Maya.

Students are able to request one on one tuition from some of the many ‘scholars’ attached to Game School Online, many of whom are currently working in the games industry at high-profile development studios. A full list of these can be found on the Game School Online website. They aren’t free, but seem to be a decent value.

A free online workshop focusing on ‘Animating for Games and Movies’ is also taking place on Friday December 14th. It’s being taught by Veara Suon, Senior Animator at Double Negative, who was worked on both the BioShock and Destiny franchises before moving to the film industry to help animate movies like Pacific Rim 2 and The Avengers. You can sign up to this via the Facebook event.

Some of these courses are applicable for new or aspiring game developers, though some also look to benefit current professionals looking to hone their skills or try a new area of development. At the low cost of free, it’s worth a look. 

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