Publisher tries new approach for the widely pirated platform

Gameloft launches 99p Android game subscription

Paris headquartered mobile games publisher Gameloft is launching a hopeful new revenue model for the Android operating system.

The app publisher has begun the Gameloft Club, a subscription model being test-run in the UK.

For a rolling cost of 99p each week, users will be able to select a new game from Gameloft’s extensive catalogue. These will not be game rentals, however; subscribers will be buying games to keep at low prices each week.

Gameloft has limited the service to Android HD+ devices – suggesting it is targeting a more affluent demographic.

The open source Android operating system has a poor reputation for its piracy rates and weak investment returns for developers.

Developers have adapted by building ad-funded free games on the platform, as well as free-to-play games complete with microtransactions.

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