Gamer drops $1,300 on early copy of No Man’s Sky

The game is out in less than two weeks, but for one gamer that was simply too long to bare.

A Reddit user going by the name Daymeeuhn has paid out a truly mind blowing $1,300+ to land an early copy of No Man’ Sky. He then proceeded to dump all manner of footage across assorted video networks, the bulk of which was pulled by the respective operators.

I’m a lucky guy. I’ve done well for myself. I have disposable income and I’m happy in life,” Daymeeuhn said in a thread explaining his decision to splash the cash. I’m in a state of being where I don’t look at a purchase and determine the overall value by the price tag, but rather by how much happiness it will bring myself or the people I care about.

Some people buy really expensive items for their hobbies or collections. Some people spend ridiculous amounts of money on liquor or food. For me, this experience is what I spend my money on. I’ll always remember this, I’ll always have that moment in time when I was able to step foot in the world of NMS ‘early’ and experience it without any temptations of spoilers. While plenty enjoy spoilers and while I even check them myself when they’re there, knowing they don’t exist and that I’m ahead of them is the best feeling for me in gaming.

I don’t just waste money on silly video games, I use it for good too. It’s a balance. Sometimes you give money to people that need it, sometimes you spend money to make others around you happy, and sometimes you splurge and buy something that truly makes you happy. This is one of those cases for me!”

Daymeeuhn also claims to have reached the game’s end point, the centre of the galaxy, in about 30 hours.

Hello Games boss Sean Murray was unsurprisingly less than thrilled, however, urging gamers to stay as spoiler-free as possible so they’ll get maximum enjoyment from the final game.

No Man’s Sky is out on PS4 on August 10th and on PC on August 12th.

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