Gamer makes $10,000 from Diablo III Auction House

Blizzard’s inclusion of the Real Money Auction House in Diablo III may have been controversial, but for one gamer it has proved extremely lucrative.

PCGamesN reports that Reddit user WishboneTheDog has made a total of $10,000 by selling virtual items either found or crafted in-game and then sold via the purpose-made digital shopfront.

He has supported his claim with PayPal and Diablo III screenshots. He also claims to have achieved the feat without the help of mods or exploits.

The user goes on to say that the Diablo III game economy is slowing down, primarily due to the fact that the game has no item sink (as in, all loot drops remain permanent within the game’s ecosystem) so supply is constantly inflating.

This could all change, however, when Blizzard finally introduces its long-awaited PvP (player versus player) functionality that will undoubtedly inspire an arms race amongst dedicated players.

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