Gamers can play Far Cry 4 in GAME next week

GAME’s latest lock-in event is letting its customers play Far Cry 4 a whole three months before launch.

The lock-ins will take place between Thursday August 28th and 29th in 12 GAME stores (detailed below).

GAME’s lock-in events is part of the retailer’s ambitions to become a hub where players can discover titles, not just by them.

The locations for the lock-ins are below:

Thursday, August 28th

Leeds Headrom (Start time 6pm)
Kingston (Start time 6:30)
Nottingham Victoria (Start time 7pm)
Liverpool Lord Street (Start time 7:30pm)
Norwich (Start time 7:30pm)
Cardiff (Start time 8:30pm)

Friday, August 29th

Bolton (Start time 6pm)
Colchester (Start time 6pm)
Northfield (Start time 6pm)
Eastbourne (Start time 6:30pm)
Portsmouth (Start time 6:30pm)
Newcastle (Start time 8:30pm)

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