Games credited for crime drop

In a rare bit of positive news coverage for the sector, a piece penned by BBC News Washington DC correspondent Tom Geoghegan has named games as one of the key reasons why crime has declined in the US.

Recent FBI figures show a sharp drop in murder and robbery rates in the last two years. The numbers are all the more surprising considering the recession, which typically will encourage crime amongst low earners.

It continues a trend of steady crime decline over the last two decades.

At number nine in Geoghegan’s list of ten possible reasons for the decline is video games.

"A study released last month suggested video games were keeping young people off the streets and therefore away from crime," it reads.

"Researchers in Texas working with the Centre for European Economic Research said this ‘incapacitation effect’ more than offset any direct impact the content of the games may have had in encouraging violent behaviour."

Other reasons include ‘The Obama Effect’, which could have inspired young black Americans, falling demand for crack cocaine, smarter policing techniques, increased availability of legal abortion, a larger prison population and even the removal of lead from petrol.

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