Games turn kids into sex objects

Video games have been blamed for turning children into sex objects”, a leading psychologist has claimed.

TV’s Dr Linda Papadopoulos criticised games with sexual content and web browser fashion game Miss Bimbo, where girls compete to accumulate boob jobs in order to marry a billionaire”.

The London Metropolitan University’s clinical psychologist is producing a report for the Government on the sexualisation of children and teenagers.

She told The Evening Standard: We are hyper-sexualizing girls, telling them that they must please at any cost. And many boys feel they can’t live up to the porn ideal, sleeping with lots of women.”

Games with sexual scenes which have previously caused controversy include Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas, Mass Effect and Fahrenheit.

Dr Papadopoulos, who has appeared on Channel 4’s Big Brother, also blamed pornography and lads mags Zoo and Nuts.

Her findings will be published within the next two weeks.

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