But listing sourced from places such as forums and blogs, state event organisers

Gamescom guide suggests Valve Half-Life 3 reveal

Valve could finally reveal it is working on Half-Life 3 at Gamescom this week after the hugely anticipated game was listed on the show’s guide.

The future of the Half-Life series has been under wraps since the release of Episode Two in 2007, with no word from Valve on whether the next instalment in the critically acclaimed franchise would be episodic or a full new game.

As MCV reports however, Gamescom’s guide states that organisers have “no responsibility for the accuracy of the information”, and that the information listed is sourced from places such as forums and blogs.

With this in mind, it appears unlikely that a reveal will be made at Gamescom, and given the secrecy around Half-Life 3, Valve would most certainly not let the game be revealed via on online PDF.

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