GAMESCOM: Mafia III trailer confirms 2016 release

2K Games has released the first official trailer for the recently confirmed Mafia III.

It’s being developed by new 2K studio Hangar 13, which is being led by Haden Blackman. The game takes place in New Orleans in 1968, and 2K promises to make the most of the period’s cultural heritage with authentic cars, fashion and music.

The events follow Vietnam vet Lincoln Clay, who has found a home with the city’s black mob. Unfortunately, they have clashed with the Italian mob, leading to a campaign of bloody violence. Players can choose between a more aggressive gun-led approach or instead a deceptive political strategy.

The narrative will be dynamic and respond to player choice, the consequences of which will shape the city.

Mafia III continues the strong franchise tradition of a captivating story set in the treacherous and calculated world of organized crime,” 2K president Christoph Hartmann said. Mafia III captures Hangar 13’s mantra of ‘every player story is unique’ through a cinematic narrative that responds to player choice.”

Blackman added: The Mafia franchise is known for its immersive sense of time and place, and for presenting compelling stories about life within organized crime. In Mafia III, we are introducing players to an unexpected new anti-hero and an iconic city to explore, all within a hard-boiled drama set during one of the most turbulent years in American history.”

The game is due out on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2016.

Here’s the trailer:

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