GameStop cuts Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle to £309.97

40 has been shaved off the price of the upcoming Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle by online retailer GameStop.

The white console and game bundle – due out on October 31st – can be had from the site for 309.97. The price is labelled up as a promotion so don’t expect it to hang around for long.

Others, such as GAME, Amazon and ShopTo, are currently charging around 350.

In July GameStop’s international boss Mike Mauler told MCV that the fact it is a digital-only retailer in the UK affords it more flexibility with pricing than some of its competitors.

It is our only country right now where we are just ecommerce, we don’t have a store base,” he said. That can be a hindrance in some ways but it also gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can try.

You guys have reported on some of the things we have done at GameStop UK [heavily discounted games and bundles], and some of those things would have been riskier in a market where we have a store base.”

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