Gamestop DLC attach rates on the rise

Retail chain Gamestop is getting a sales boost these days from what would appear to be an unlikely source.

The company’s director of retail digital distribution Brad Schliesser told VentureBeat that customers have been purchasing DLC codes alongside games more than any other item in stores.

"DLC for us attaches better to a physical game than any other accessory or add-on that we have in our company–whether it’s a headset, a controller, or strategy guide–because it’s so easy for the consumer to understand what it is they’re getting," Schliesser said.

Schliesser cites Mass Effect 3 and its day-one $10 DLC From Ashes, which made it into the hands of 50 per cent of those who purchased the title.

The director explained one of the major keys to selling the attached DLC is having employees on hand to help pitch and elaborate on the digital content to customers who’ve already committed to buying the base game.

The most important thing that we found is the associates in the store drive the business. They understand what content is. It’s easy for them to sell content to a customer when that customer is buying a copy of the game… From very early on, we understood that we had to do a good job of not only educating the consumer but also educating the person behind the counter.”

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