GameStop pulls Metro: Last Light from download store, offers refunds

Upcoming THQ release Metro: Last Light has been pulled from GameStop’s Impulse digital download store.

Furthermore, the retailer is even offering refunds to those who have already paid up. The physical version of the game remains available for pre-order.

Other 2013 THQ titles such as South Park: The Stick of Truth

"Essentially, due to THQ’s current financial situation and uncertainty of delivery, in order to protect our consumers we removed the ability to pre-purchase that specific game," GameStop’s VP of public and investor relations Matt Hodges told GameSpot.

THQ fell into bankruptcy in December and has had a rough ride since, with the pre-packaged buyout at the hands of Clearlake subsequently successfully overturned by creditors.

A title-by-title auction of THQ’s assets now looks the most likely outcome.

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