Gaming’s biggest controversies: 3/10

Ah, blood. These days, the joy of the crimson splurge is a pre-requisite of your hardcore gamer – and a lust for polygonal lifejuice is sated in pretty much every 18-rated title on the market.

But a decade ago, hemoglobin was a much rarer commodity, and Eidos’ generosity with the red stuff landed its game with an outright ban. The publisher submitted Carmageddon to the BBFC hoping to get an 18-rating for publicity’s sake (unnecessary at the time, as it contained no video footage).

But things didn’t quite go to plan – the BBFC banned the game and forced the firm to remove all gore from the title. The solution? Green-blooded zombies. Rubbish. Still, not as bad as Germany – who got robots instead. Amazingly, the Aussies passed the original title with an MA-15+ rating.

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