Gaming’s biggest controversies: 6/10

The Guy Game. What. An. Idea. How a dodgy quiz sim in which your reward was seeing some uncovered boobies didn’t reach GTA IV levels of hype is beyond us, but the mammary pedalling PS2 release, erm, didn’t. Not only that, but to add to its shame, it became embroiled in one of gaming’s rarest controversies – a sex scandal.

One of the girls involved, it emerged, was a mere popsicle of a thing at 17 when videoed. She later sued Sony, Microsoft and creator Top Heavy Studios for snapping her whilst under the age of US ?law.

She won her case, all copies of the game were pulled and a post-masturbatory army of gamers was left very shame faced indeed.

Interesting side note: IGN gave it a very respectable 7.7 out of 10 review score.

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