Gaming’s biggest controversies: 7/10

Many of us have gone the extra mile for a bit of nookie, but this got ridiculous. The story goes something like this: Bright spark at Rockstar puts simulated, barely visible – and inaccessible – fellatio in the violent, profane GTA: San Andreas.

Post-release, consumer geek works out how to unlock said naughtiness in PC game; and is quickly followed by console owners, who actually, painstakingly mod their systems in order to see digitised sex act.

Villainous comedy lawyer Jack Thompson goes mental, as does Presidential also-ran Hilary Clinton. (Rumours that her ire was fuelled by her own husband’s fondness for ‘hot coffee’ remain unfounded). Combined with the much-misunderstood announcement of Bully, this led to mass protests outside Rockstar’s offices.

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