Gaming’s biggest controversies: 8/10

A plot full of so many twists, backstabbing and arguments, it could well have ended up in Dynasty. As soon as Rockstar’s Manhunt 2 was wafted in front of hullabaloo-starved Wii reviewers, they loved it.

Even kiddy-friendly GamesMaster called it: ‘Shocking for all the right reasons.’ The BBFC disagreed, refusing the game a certificate in what many saw as a politically motivated move. Cue Rockstar’s disappointment – and ELSPA’s non-committal disapproval.

A cut down version was eventually passed in the US, but the BBFC wouldn’t budge. Rockstar’s real white knight was the Video Appeals Committee, which voted in favour of the game’s release. Lucky for Take Two, so did the High Court, in what essentially became a censorship debate. Still looks too scary for us, to be honest.

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