GC LEIPZIG: Sonys PS3 announcements

As part of its drive to put the PS3 at the front of the digital home, president of SCEE David Reeves showcased PlayTV – its personal video recording software. It allows users to watch, pause and record digital television programmes, and also allows remote viewing on the PSP. It will launch in UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain early next year.

Forthcoming PS3 title Buzz!: Quiz TV for the PS3 was also unveiled. The title will utilise the PlayStation Network to allow gamers to play each other online, and will be supported with downloadable and user generated content. 5000 questions will be included in the box product, divided into music, movies, sports, knowledge and lifestyle categories. The Blu-ray disk will arrive in March next year.

It was also announced that 275 new titles across all of Sony’s platforms are in the pipeline for release before Christmas. PS3 titles highlighted included Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction and Uncharted.

In the German Market, Singstar Totenhosen was unveiled, while the format holder announced five million PS2 sales in the region to date.

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