'Skip XBLA and PSN because you're at Sony or Microsoft's will as to what's on the dashboard'

GDC: Bleszinksi: ‘Indies should develop for PC’

Indies should skip Xbox Live and PSN and develop games on PC, says Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinksi.

As reported by Kotaku, the Gears of War creator said that independent developers who created games for online console services were “at Sony or Microsoft’s will as to what’s on the dashboard”.

He added that iOS also faced approval issues, whilst there was too much piracy on Android to make the platform a viable option.

“Xbox Live and PSN, skip both of them because you’re at Sony or Microsoft’s will as to what’s on the dashboard,” said Bleszinksi.

“iOS, maybe but you have to have Apple’s approval, there’s too much piracy on Android, no one has a Windows phone, Kickstarter’s wonderful, go Tim Schafer.

“I would go with the PC.”

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