Greg M. Mitchell follows popular franchise to new Microsoft studio

Gears of War cinematics director joins Black Tusk

Black Tusk is already known to be working on a new Gears of War, and now it’s recruiting some of the series’ original talent.

Cinematics director Greg M. Mitchell will be joining the Microsoft-owned studio to help develop the next entry in the series. While his new role hasn’t been detailed, it’s a safe bet he’ll be working on the cinematography.

Mitchell joined epic in 2006 as digital cinematographer for the original Gears of War, then was promoted a year later to cinematics director, according to GamesIndustry. In addition to Gears of War, he also worked on other Epic titles such as Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade.

As has become common nowadays, Mitchell’s move was announced via Twitter:

Black Tusk was first opened in 2012, and publicly announced in 2013. Last January, it was revealed the studio was hiring for people to work on a new Gears of War game after Microsoft acquired the franchise from Epic Games.

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