GERMANY: Calls for violent games ban

Germany has moved one step closer to a sweeping national ban on violent games in a move that could not only dent the European market for mature games but also threaten the country’s games industry.

GamePolitics reports that 16 of the country’s interior ministers have joined forces to petition the German parliament to ban both the production and distribution of violent games. They are calling for measures to be put in place prior to the German elections at the end of September.

The move follows similar calls from senior German police chief Heini Schmitt, who linked violent gaming to the tragic school shootings that blighted Winnenden in March.

There would be several possible consequences were the moves to come to fruition. Not only could the lost sales of said titles dent the overall revenue generated by the industry, but if Germany’s move is seen to be a success it could put pressure on the EU to make the laws more widespread.

In addition, there could be grave consequences for German studios seen to be producing violent games, such as Crysis developers Crytek.

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